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Tsukihiko from Zone-00
Azure - Jasper
For [community profile] aather, played by [personal profile] harukami

Other characters at Aather:

Kanji Tatsumi/Bones - Kunzite - [personal profile] heteronormative - Persona 4
Rolo Lamperouge/Gust - Turquoise - [personal profile] brociopath - Code Geass

Marjory (and her pet bird June)

Kurosaki Hisoka/Touchy - Emerald - [personal profile] tsundead - Yami no Matsuei

Characters at other RPs

[community profile] cfud
Umeda Hokuto - [personal profile] playingdoctor - Hana-Kimi
Heat - [personal profile] vore_crimes - Digital Devil Saga
Agatsuma Soubi - [personal profile] fragmentedimago - LOVELESS
Shindou Hikaru - [personal profile] takesliberties - Hikaru no Go

[community profile] thusia
Alma Karma - [personal profile] imaginemeandyuu - D.Gray-Man
Kubota Makoto - [personal profile] sleepingdogslie - Wild Adapter
Ur'ghaste (NPC)

[community profile] enrichment_center
Shion - Theta - [personal profile] everfixedmark - No.6
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